Sleek, elegant and beautifully understated, an emerald cut engagement ring is a great choice for someone who’s romantic and sophisticated. If you’re looking for diamond engagement ring inspiration, read on!

With the rising awareness of fancy shaped stones, more and more couples are drawn to the unique look of emerald cut engagement rings. Easily identified by a rectangular shape with beveled corners and concentric rows of facets— on both crown and pavilion— emerald cut diamonds are unconventional stones with timeless charm.

18K white gold engagement ring

An emerald cut center stone is not the traditional look for a diamond engagement ring but takes center stage in this vintage inspired 18K white gold engagement ring. Courtesy: Carizza

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring – What to Look For

If you’re shopping for an emerald cut engagement ring, there are a few important things to consider in terms of a diamond’s 4Cs, starting with clarity. The long, rectangular facets that are characteristic of emerald cut diamonds make inclusions more easily visible compared to other diamond cuts. Color is another quality that requires special attention. An emerald cut diamond’s distinctive cut produces less scintillation, or sparkle, than other diamond cuts. This makes the diamond’s color more prominent.

The Versatility of an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald cut diamond ring

Vintage-inspired emerald cut diamond ring accented with blue sapphires set in platinum Courtesy: Kwiat

There’s no limit to the ways to wear an emerald cut engagement ring. The angular shape is at home in virtually any design, from vintage-inspired Art Deco style mountings to contemporary rings with minimal adornment.

Diamond engagement ring with 3.47 emerald-cut center stone

A beautiful and unique design, this Uneek diamond engagement ring features a 3.47 emerald cut center stone surrounded by melee diamonds set in platinum. Courtesy: Platinum Guild International

And an emerald cut diamond can take on a totally different aspect depending on its setting. The stones can be set vertically or— for an edgy out-of-the-box engagement ring approach— horizontally, also known as “east-west” setting.

White gold engagement ring with 3 ct emerald cut center stone

A white gold engagement ring featuring a three carat (ct) emerald cut center stone in an east-west setting is an edgy take on an out-of-the-box ring. Courtesy: Sylvie Collection

Something about the crisp geometry of emerald cut diamond engagement rings exudes a sense of sophistication. It’s the reason they appeal to stylish celebrities who can ignite a trend with a single red carpet outing. Amal Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler are a few of the famous women who wear engagement rings that feature this distinctive diamond cut. Mariah Carey wears a very large emerald cut diamond, reported to be a colossal 35-carat stunner that’s a star in its own right.

Engagement ring with brilliant cut diamond side stones and an emerald cut diamond

Brilliant cut diamond side stones play an important supporting role in this engagement ring, directing your eye to the emerald cut diamond that occupies center stage. Courtesy: Jack Kelége

The emerald cut engagement ring offers traditional outlines and understated elegance. Be sure to learn more about diamond cuts and the 4Cs of Diamond Quality before your next purchase.

Main image: Three-stone ring with 15 carats total weight of diamonds set in platinum. Courtesy: Rahaminov