The New Year is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to freshen up your jewelry wardrobe. To help you spot what’s hot, we asked experts at GIA for their predictions for 2017 jewelry trends.

In what’s become a yearly ritual, GIA gathers some of its creative minds to share what they’re seeing. Last year, the team predicted that hoop earrings, jewelry with geometric designs, floral jewelry, and color blocking would be popular. They were right, but in full disclosure, they had some misses.

We’re adding a wrinkle this year. We’ve invited our panel to provide a “wish list.” Their musings have nothing to do with trends, but more with overlooked or interesting styles. This will let them share ideas that might not fit into the “hot/or not” suggestions. And who knows? Maybe they will become trends.

2017 Jewelry Trends: Rose gold, colored gems and ear climbers

Shayne Ebrahimi, manager, social media

Shayne is new to the team, so she didn’t have a prediction for 2016. But as social media manager, she has a pulse on fashion. She offers her jewelry predictions for the coming year.

Rose gold combined with gemstones will be a big trend, while ear climbers and ear jackets will continue to be statement pieces. Engagement rings that have colored gems as the center stone will also be trending. Sapphire and ruby will be popular choices.

2017 Jewelry Trends: Statement Earrings

Doug Glener, writer

Glener predicted that Art Deco-themed jewelry would be hot, and there was no shortage of beautiful, imaginative geometric pieces introduced in 2016. He also guessed that a 1970s fashion revival would still captivate, but the trend petered out earlier in the year.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry wore these diamond and white gold earrings to Capital Record’s 75th anniversary gala. Simple geometric shapes make for a sum far greater than its parts. Copyright: Maxior

stylish earrings

Geometric elegance – these stylish beauties feature diamonds, brown diamonds and white topaz, set in 18K white gold. Copyright: Maxior

Earrings are in, and designers are lavishing their creativity on them. Glener is betting on statement earrings with bold designs and lots of color.

Glener’s Wish List:Art Nouveau jewelry is beautiful – and it has been neglected compared to the amount of neo-Art Deco and neo-Edwardian jewelry in display cases. I’d love to see its sinuous lines and mythic motifs reimagined.”

Art Nouveau pin with stylistic motifs.

Fantasy and the subconscious mind were given free reign in this Art Nouveau pin. These stylistic motifs are relatively rare in contemporary jewelry. Courtesy: Chris Mulloy Antiques. Photo: Kevin Schumacher/GIAKristin Mahan, manager, PR & media relations

2017 Jewelry Trends: Single Statement Piece Rules

Kristin Mahan, manager, public relations & media relations

Mahan won “soothsayer of the year” in 2015 for predicting that Instagram and other social media sites would offer shopping features and that Art Deco inspired jewelry would stay hot. For 2016, she predicted that floral motifs would be blossoming – and was right again.

Super-model Alessandra Ambrosio was in full bloom in a floral print dress and diamond earrings shaped like leaves by Harry Kotlar. Copyright: Harry Kotlar

Super-model Alessandra Ambrosio was in full bloom in a floral print dress and diamond earrings shaped like leaves by Harry Kotlar. Copyright: Harry Kotlar

Old mine cut diamonds and baguette earrings

Old mine cut diamonds and baguettes in the stem make up these understated earring. Copyright: Harry Kotlar

Based on the spring 2017 runway shows in Paris, Mahan predicts that we’ll see jewelry with an ultra-modern, futuristic vibe. This is in stark contrast to 2016’s boho-chic, DIY trends. If Valentino is any indication, small bejeweled cross-body bags will be in. Since hemlines will continue to drop to midi and ankle length, necklaces will also drop, replacing the “hip” choker of the past six months. Since longer sleeves are in, there will also be cuffs designed to be worn over clothes instead of directly on the skin. Mahan also predicts a “less is more” approach to jewelry in the sense that fashionistas will focus on one statement piece instead of suites, stackables and layers.

Mahan’s Wish List: “I’m hoping to see more organic materials – pearls, amber and ammolite – incorporated into modern designs. I’m also hoping for colorful metals! Purple, green, pink, etc.”

2017 Jewelry Trends: Elaborate Engagement Rings

Elizabeth K. McClurg, technical writer, Jewelry Manufacturing Arts Research and Development

Part of McClurg’s job is following and predicting trends, and her sixth sense must have been tingling when she sensed that metals in many shades and hues would show up in rings this year. Anne Cohen, Etienne Perret, and Steven Kretchmer were just a few of the imaginative jewelry designers that offered rings in bold colors.

The black stars in this imaginative ring are edged in black rhodium plated metal, while the white stars twinkle in white gold.

A shower of stars on this imaginative ring comes from the Etoilles collection by Dada Arrigoni Jewelry. The black stars are edged in black rhodium plated metal, while the white stars twinkle in white gold. Copyright: Dada Arrigoni Jewelry.

A combination of midnight blue Polarium© and rose gold are alternatives to a traditional wedding band.

The combination of midnight blue Polarium© and rose gold is an alternative to traditional metal colors, and brings vibrant color to a traditional wedding band. Copyright: Steven

McClurg predicts we’re going to see elaborate engagement rings inspired by floral and lace. Think fashion-designer Rodarte meets the Edwardian era.

2017 Jewelry Trends: Charm Bracelet Transformation

McKenzie Santimer, manager, museum exhibits and in-kind gifts

Santimer is one of our resident fashionistas, and she predicted that layering jewelry on the arms, neck, wrists and fingers would be hot in 2016. She also said that it wouldn’t be just one style, but an eclectic mix of couture and costume, mixed metals, bright plastics, leather, and rubber. Fashionistas can sometimes miss, and Santimer admitted that her prediction was not a “home run.”

Charm bracelets with a single charm will morph into a necklace that glitters with many charms. The more charms, the better – and they’ll hang on leather, chain and rope necklaces. Each charm will have a special meaning, and be a sort of glittering billboard of one’s hopes and dreams.

Santimer’s Wish List:  The single earring. “Want to make a statement? Wear just one off the hook earring. Make a bold move. Be original. Be out of the box. Make it your outfit,” Santimer advises.

2017 Jewelry Trends: Southwestern and Native American Jewelry

Rose Tozer, senior research librarian

Tozer’s provocative prediction that paper jewelry would be a trend was part of the reason we added the “Wish List” to this post. Tozer really didn’t think paper jewelry would be snatched up be the ream; she just wanted to share some fascinating pieces. So we won’t hold her accountable for the accuracy of her guess.

Traditional Native American jewelry will regain its popularity and contemporary Southwestern inspired jewelry will be more prominent in 2017.

A collection of Native American Jewelry comprised of turquoise, coral, and silver.

Here’s a collection of Native American jewelry sure to wow any lover of turquoise – and any jewelry aficionado. From left to right: turquoise nugget bracelet in silver; coral petit point bracelet in silver; coral cluster ring in silver; turquoise petit point ring in silver; coral bracelet in silver by Harrison Jim; and a turquoise petit point bracelet in silver. Courtesy: Jaime Steelman. Photo: Kevin Schumacher/GIA.

2017 Jewelry Trends: Understatement, big diamond finds and sapphires

Russell Shor, senior industry analyst

Shor is an astute and tuned-in industry observer. His job is to watch the industry and share his predictions with the GIA team. His focus is the diamond trade, but we convinced him to share his thoughts on jewelry trends and colored gemstones.

In jewelry design, individuality and understatement will continue to gain against the “bling.” Retail jewelers and the diamond and colored stone trade will continue to be challenged to develop effective marketing campaigns in the face of fast-changing consumer trends and intensifying competition from electronics, travel and other luxury experiences.

Thanks to new diamond mining technology, look for more very large (100 carat +) diamonds to be found next year.

In the colored stone market, a new sapphire rush in Madagascar may increase availability of quality material in the market, while emerald supplies likely will remain stable. As with diamonds, generating interest and demand with consumers beset by other priorities will remain a major challenge for the jewelry industry.

2017 Jewelry Trends: Asymmetrical earrings

Peggy Tsiamis, research librarian

For 2016, Tsiamis predicted that color bows reworked and reimagined would be trending. While bows were not necessarily hot, she has a stunning prediction for 2017.

A pair of symmetrical earrings would be identical: the right side would be the same as the left. For asymmetrical earrings, the right and left sides would have different designs, but they would balance each other in a pleasing way.

One-of-a-kind asymmetrical black diamond, blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, quartz, tourmaline earrings.

Jewelry designer Tessa Packard London’s one-of-a-kind black diamond, blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, quartz, tourmaline gives a peak into Tsiamis’ predictions. They’re beautiful – and they’re asymmetrical.

Wondering what was trending a few centuries ago? Try the Lover’s Eye and Berlin Iron. If that’s not your thing, see how contemporary jewelers are infusing Art Deco motifs in chic engagement rings.