Imagine the diamond that is perfect for you. Is it a colorless and flawless round brilliant stunner? Perhaps you’re partial to a Fancy Vivid pink diamond? Or maybe you treasure an heirloom diamond jewelry piece with an old mine cut?

We have compiled a unique list of diamond inclusions that are so interesting and distinctive that they just might cause you to have second thoughts about your dream diamond.

Diamond Clarity

While perusing these unique diamond inclusions, it’s important to be aware of how they impact clarity. Clarity takes into consideration both internal characteristics of a diamond called ‘inclusions’ and external characteristics called ‘blemishes.’

When grading diamonds using 10x magnification, graders take into consideration the number of inclusions, the size of the inclusion in relation to the size of the diamond, the relief or visual contrast of the inclusion to the diamond, the nature or type of inclusion, and location or position of these characteristics. It is very difficult to find diamonds without these defining characteristics — as flawless diamonds are extremely rare.

Diamond inclusions are generally thought of in relation to their impact on value. However interesting inclusions can add character and personality to a diamond.

These diamonds feature distinctive, exceptional inclusions that make them truly memorable.


Venetian Mask Photo by John I. Koivula/GIA.

Featured here is a three-dimensional hydrogen cloud: a cloud is comprised of many tightly grouped pinpoint inclusions that might be too small to distinguish individually, but together have a hazy appearance. We see a festive outline of a Venetian Mask in this unique cloud inclusion.


Ballerina Photo by GIA.

Some describe ballet dancers’ movements as light as a feather. In a diamond, a feather is a surface reaching break. This diamond’s feather inclusion appears to be a ballerina mid-arabesque — a lovely addition to a dancer’s or dance aficionado’s jewelry collection.


Cloud Photo by John I. Koivula/GIA.

In general, the fewer inclusions within a diamond, the greater its desirability. With the use of fiber optic illumination, this stellate cloud becomes bright and beautiful with a stunning symmetrical design. When you’re looking to wish upon a star, you might consider a diamond with a bright and beautiful inclusion such as this.


Unicorn Photo courtesy Tim Schuler, G.G.

Many believe round brilliant cut diamonds are so beautiful, that they exude a magical quality that is simply irresistible. This unicorn-shaped inclusion consists of a white feather and some graphitization. Notice how the unicorn’s magical horn is perfectly placed with a white facet reflection above the feather.


Baseball player Photo by G. Robert Crowningshield/GIA.

Did you know that in baseball, an ace is a team’s best starting pitcher? In this diamond, the inclusion is composed of a feather and crystal, we see an ace winding up to throw the first pitch of the season. What scene do you see?

Take a step beyond the typical understanding of diamonds and venture to see the beauty in these included diamonds.