While you may not have the chance to say ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ to mom every day, Mother’s Day gives the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude. We’ve gathered inspiration for thoughtful gift giving she’ll fall in love with.

Courtesy of Gumuchian.

Give this gold Gumuchian charm bracelet to the queen bee of the family to say Happy Mother’s Day in style. Courtesy of Gumuchian.

These specially curated jewelry gift ideas are for mom, grandma, or the mother-figure in your life. We can’t think of a better way to say “Happy Mother’s Day” than with beautiful jewelry. From pendants and charms, to birthstones and lockets, there are a wide variety of ways to show mom how much you care.

Mom Necklaces

Jewelry conveys meaning just like words do, and when you combine the two, like in this “Mom” necklace, you send a powerful and lasting message about the value of maternal love and connection.  Add charms to the necklace, and you can create a whole sentence! Charms can be engraved, hold a photo, or spell a word that represents a special memory between you and your mom. If you’re not sure about white or yellow metal, take a look at our guide to finding the perfect jewelry metal.

This delicate Alex Woo necklace would be an ideal gift for a new mom who is excited about her little bundle of joy and wants to share it with the world. Courtesy of Alex Woo.

This delicate Alex Woo necklace would be an ideal gift for a new mom who is excited about her little bundle of joy and wants to share it with the world. Courtesy of Alex Woo.

Courtesy of Heather Moore.

This Heather Moore ID tag charm necklace features pieces that can be worn alone or all at once. The look is customizable to your mom’s preference and can be built upon over the years. Courtesy of Heather Moore.

Zodiac Jewelry

Zodiac jewelry is another great gift idea for Mother’s Day.  Zodiac pieces are very personalized because they can express both personality and identity, making them a thoughtful addition to any mom’s jewelry wardrobe. A mom could wear a zodiac sign on a chain or bracelet to remind her of her child’s special birthday, or multiple signs representing her entire family.

Courtesy of Marie Todd.

This Marie Todd zodiac necklace can be a Mother’s Day gift today, and create a valuable memory for a lifetime. Courtesy of Marie Todd.

Courtesy of Aaron Basha.

This Aaron Basha Zodiac Charm is a thoughtful and personalized gift—charm bracelets are a popular way people can create their own jewelry to tell a mother’s life story. Courtesy of Aaron Basha.


When it comes to gemstones, it’s hard to pick just one favorite. But most will agree that a birthstone has a special significance –—it’s closely tied to a person’s  identity and the history and lore tied to each stone only enhances its meaning.  Whether the birthstone represents mom’s birth month or those of her children, birthstone jewelry is a classic choice that instantly makes a jewelry piece unique to your mom what makes her so special. Some birthstones are so brightly hued, they could be called jewelry candy, and these look even more spectacular when fashioned as intricate fantasy cut gemstones. Forget the box of chocolate! What mom wouldn’t appreciate a gift of birthstone jewelry?

Courtesy of Stuller.

Truly fashion your gift to mom by selecting hers and your birthstone to create a pendant for Mother’s Day – and every day. Courtesy of Stuller.

Courtesy of Martha Seely.

Martha Seely Tahitian pearl post earrings and pendant are set in 14k gold—for a mom with classic style. These pearls have the added bonus of being the June birthstone. Courtesy of Martha Seely.


Mother’s Day is not just about mom, but the whole family coming together to spend time with one another. Honor your mom and your entire family with a locket—a photo slips into the back frame to keep the family close to her heart.

Courtesy of Waxing Poetic.

This Waxing Poetic Tree of Life locket is a constant loving reminder of the importance of family in our lives. Courtesy of Waxing Poetic.

If your mom likes floral touches, she may also like these Jeweled Flowers for Mother’s Day. Necklaces, zodiac jewelry, charms, and lockets: which of these Mother’s Day jewelry gift ideas do you have in mind for your mom?

Main image courtesy of Alex Woo.