Is your mom sporty, hip, classic, or into DIY? We found jewelry styles to please every kind of mom under the sun. If you need gift ideas for mom, read on!

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, a birthday, a special occasion, or just because, jewelry is a lasting and precious symbol of affection and gratitude. In this post, you’re bound to find the perfect kind of jewelry for the special woman who brought you into the world – and something special for all the other wonderful moms in your life, too.

Jewelry Gift Ideas for a New Mom

Congratulations! A bundle of joy has just come into your life. You want to mark the momentous occasion by giving the New Mom a gift of jewelry to commemorate it. And if your partner is expecting, a “push present” is becoming popular way to celebrate the upcoming event. Here are two hassle-free pieces.

Stud earrings

Infants love to grab… pull… explore, so new moms should just say no to dangly earrings Luckily, diamond studs are a baby-proof – and fashionable – choice. Courtesy: Platinum Guild International

Stud earrings

Make your jewelry gift even more personal by selecting a piece that features the baby’s birthstone like these amethyst and 14K gold post earrings. This way, the New Mom has another precious reminder of the new baby. Photo: Valerie Power/GIA. Courtesy: Gem Center Northwest

Jewelry Gift Ideas for a Sporty Mom

You’ll find the Sporty Mom jogging, playing tennis, or doing yoga. Sneakers, workout clothes, and water bottles are constant companions. Since the Sporty Mom is always on the go, she’ll need jewelry that goes with her active lifestyle. Here are some gift options that will make her queen of the court.

Your Sporty Mom may know that the tennis bracelet got its name when Chris Evert stopped a hotly contested match to retrieve the lucky charm that had fallen off her wrist. She called the missing jewelry her “tennis bracelet,” and so a fad was born.

Three bracelets

These stackable tennis bracelets in yellow, rose, and white gold boast 4.5 carats (ct) of diamonds. That’s enough bling to distract your opponent and win the match. Courtesy:

Diamond ring

Let Mom play away with this stacked illusion ring with 3 rows of diamonds in 18K rose gold. Courtesy: Andy Gotz

Jewelry Gift Ideas for a Hip Mom

Our Hip Mom stays up on the latest fashion trends and is not afraid to experiment. You can see her flipping through pages of Vogue to get style inspiration during her downtime. She’s modern, chic, and will appreciate a gift that makes an eye-catching statement.


These wild diamond and pink rubellite tourmaline are a contemporary reimagining of the classic chandelier earring. What Hip Mom wouldn’t love a pair?


This necklace is the stuff a Hip Mom’s dreams are made of: 26 brown diamonds for a total of 13.66 ct, and 592 white diamonds for a total of 14.09 ct. A one-of-a-kind creation, the La Neige du Sahara necklace was part of the Dreams of Diamonds exhibit at GIA. Courtesy: Adler Joailliers

Jewelry Gift Ideas for a DIY Mom

The DIY Mom is the ultimate crafter. She can be seen making homemade curtains, sewing Halloween costumes, or planning fun ‘craftivities’ for her kids. Maybe she likes making her own jewelry, too. No matter the task, she turns the mundane into the magical with her resourcefulness. A bejeweled gift that’s crafty and artistic will make her day.


Twist an arrow to make a work of art – that sounds like something the DIY Mom would do. And that’s why she’ll love the Arizona necklace: a platinum collar necklace containing 71 diamonds totaling 3.83 ct. Gift of Touraine Family Trust

The DIY Mom has the spirit of an artist. So Alishan Halebian’s objet d’art pictured below will surely captivate her. Halebian, a member of the invite- only American Design Council, created the piece for its annual challenge. Members were given a word of phrase – in this case, tear – and allowed free rein in their creation.


Alishan Halebian’s “Tear Me Apart and I Will Tear” objet d’art features diamonds, peridot, fire opal, and 18K yellow, white, and rose gold. Courtesy: AJDC

Jewelry Gift Ideas for a Classic Mom

“Style” is the defining word for the Classic Mom. Perhaps she channels Audrey Hepburn as her Hollywood fashion icon. Maybe she summers on Martha’s Vineyard or in the Hamptons. Wherever she goes and whatever she does, she is the epitome of grace and elegance. That’s why a gift of jewelry is a smart choice.


Art Deco era jewelry will never go out of style. These earrings feature Kashmiri sapphires weighing 3 ct and 30 diamonds with a total weight of 4.85 ct. They’ll look fabulous on the Classic Mom. Courtesy: Kathryn Bonanno

Pearl necklace

Pearls are a classic fashion staple. This necklace by Cartier boasts pearls from a jewelry owned by the Indian Maharajas of Baroda. Wouldn’t a necklace like this make the Classic Mom feel like royalty? Copyright: Christie’s/The Bridgeman Library

Emerald framed by Asscher cut diamonds

An instant classic: a 1.40 ct emerald framed by Asscher cut diamonds weighing 0.73, this stunning ring is sure to leave the Classic Mom enthralled. Copyright: Omi Privé

Jewelry Gift Ideas for a Matriarch

Maybe the Matriarch in your family is a mother, grandmother, or a grande dame you love. Whoever she is, the Matriarch is the wise elder who provides unerring counsel in important matters. She always has something witty, worthwhile, and wise to say. Jewelry is her passion, and she’ll cherish the gift that you pick for her.

Dragonfly pin

Our Matriarch loves jewelry like this diamond-studded dragonfly that evokes pleasant summer days and a cool glass of lemonade. Copyright: GIA and Janet Mavec

Diamond ring

Legend has it that the marquise shape was named in 1745 for the Marquise de Pompadour. Said to resemble the shape of the Marquise’s mouth, the long and narrow diamond shape creates the illusion that the diamond is of greater size. With such royal provenance, the Matriarch is sure to be pleased with her jewelry gift.

Sapphire necklace

Our Matriarch loves diamonds – and other precious gemstones like sapphires. This sapphire necklace makes such a bold statement that it’s sure to leave her speechless! Courtesy: Brice Jewelers, Houston, Texas

Jewelry Gift Ideas for a Traveling Mom

Some moms travel for work. Some travel for pleasure. Some have a passion for exploring exotic locales, cruises, or work expeditions. Convertible jewelry – a ring that turns into a pendant, for example – is a great choice: the Traveling Mom can pack light but still have multiple options. We’ve found some choices that do double-duty, so the Traveling Mom can sport a different look every day.

Ring and necklace

A clever mechanism in this 4.41 ct Fancy Light yellow diamond ring/necklace allows the center stone to pop out of the ring and be placed in the necklace. Courtesy:


Ron Hartgrove’s Hexagonal ring is perfect for the Traveling Mom. Depending on her fancy, she can make the center stone a black onyx, a lapis lazuli, a tiger’s-eye quartz, a carnelian, or a hematite. It’s ideal for making the most of a light travel wardrobe. Gift of Heart & Co./Orbis by Ron Hartgrove

Butterfly earrings

Monarch butterflies fly 3,000 miles from Canada to Mexico, but they always return home. So does the Traveling Mom. She may be a globetrotter, but she’ll always return to the nest. Ruth Grieco’s “Butterflies” are a fitting symbol for the Traveling Mom. And with 44 diamonds weighing .47 ct and four citrines weighing 12.86 ct they are a beautiful reminder of home. Gift of Denoir

The New Mom. The Sporty Mom. The Hip Mom. The DIY Mom. The Classic Mom. The Matriarch. The Traveling Mom. We’ve covered just about all the different types of moms out there and the jewelry they would love to wear. The great news is that there’s truly something for everyone!

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