When considering the purchase of a gem or piece of jewelry, it is important to find an educated jeweler with a trustworthy reputation. A professional jeweler will have the knowledge and training to help you make an informed purchase. A jeweler with a reliable reputation will strive to understand your preferences,  provide you with a variety of purchase options, and do so in an honest and straightforward way.

There are a few good ways to find a professional jeweler.

First, look for a jeweler with impeccable credentials from an international gemological school, like GIA. A GIA Graduate Gemologist (GG) credential is known world-wide as the mark of a senior professional in the jewelry industry. In the Graduate Gemologist program, jewelers learn the science and technical knowledge needed to deal with the entire range of diamonds and colored gemstones. Another diploma, the GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP), provides sales associates with the important product knowledge they need in order to provide customers with accurate diamond information. Jewelers with either of these credentials will be able to provide excellent and knowledgeable service. You can find a list of professional jewelers who have gone through GIA training on the GIA Alumni Association online directory.

Another way is to find a credentialed jeweler, with a strong positive reputation in your community. Ask a friend to recommend a jeweler or ask a jeweler to provide references. Find out how long the jeweler has been in business, if she/he belongs to any professional associations, and if they are a member of the GIA Alumni Association.

Diamond Grading Report

GIA Diamond Grading Report

Once you have selected your gem or piece of jewelry, it is a good idea to get an independent laboratory report on your stone. Professional jewelers around the world provide an independent diamond grading report with their fine diamonds. World-wide, the most trusted and accurate diamond reports come from GIA, the creator of the 4Cs diamond grading standard.