Congratulations! You’ve just been invited to the Emmys – and now you need some spectacular jewelry for your walk down the red carpet.

A-list celebrities have a foolproof system for adorning themselves in jewels. Now that you have to get ready for the evening’s award ceremonies and after-parties, you’ll want to use their tried-and-true methods.

The first step: you and your stylist look through some upscale fashion magazines to find jewelry that best compliments your look. Are you going for classic? Edgy? Outrageous? You want jewelry that makes a serious statement.

Camilla Belle wearing Carla Amorim.

Voilà!  You’ve found the designer whose pieces will add unique sparkle to your look. At your request, your stylist contacts the designer. You arrange to take a visit to the showroom (an exclusive enclave few get to see). Then again, maybe you’re too busy to make the trip, so the designer messengers over the pieces (with accompanying security, of course!).

You try the earrings, bracelets, and rings on – and they’re perfect. And they’re worth a small fortune. Now you have to sign a stack of legal papers about liability and insurance. Even a celebrity like you can’t just walk off with millions of dollars of jewelry.


More great news! Your agent tells you that you are nominated for an Emmy!

Now that you’ve become an overnight sensation, your jewelry designer of choice really wants you to wear his jewelry. He calls your stylist and says he’ll pay you to wear the pieces… if you let him publicize this and take pictures of you. Press releases and photos of you wearing in his work will be splashed over the mainstream press and social media. Since you absolutely love these pieces, you’re happy to give an endorsement.

As you’re getting dressed, your stylist shares more of the conversation she had with the jewelry designer. The designer confided that a celebrity endorsement can increase brand awareness and even lift sales. If the pieces you’re borrowing create a buzz, he’ll introduce versions the average consumer can afford.

Anna Kendrick wearing earrings by Jack Vartanian.

The longer you wear the pieces, the more you fall in love with them. These are keepers – something you want to add to your collection. The designer is thrilled, and offers them to you at a special price reserved for VIPs.

You’re going to have a wonderful evening. A stroll down the red carpet. An Emmy nomination. And new jewelry that leaves you breathless – and will stun the paparazzi.