It has been said that few things in nature are absolutely perfect. The same holds true of diamonds. Part of what makes a diamond unique is what is commonly referred to as a diamond’s clarity characteristic.

A diamond’s clarity characteristic is made up of both inclusions (internal features) and blemishes (surface irregularities). The number, size, relief, nature, and position of these characteristics affect the overall appearance of the stone, and go a long way toward determining which of the 6 GIA Clarity categories the diamond falls under.

A flawless diamond is rare, so when looking to purchase a diamond, it’s important to understand how clarity, one of the 4Cs of diamond quality, plays into the diamond purchase decision.

Learn more about diamond clarity with this great educational video from GIA.

Remember, the value of a diamond is determined only after considering all of the 4Cs of diamond quality, so learn about the next C, Diamond Cut.