Are you looking for gift ideas for the guy in your life? When you want to get him something special, quality fine jewelry is not only a lasting gift that conveys deep sentiment, but it can be a very stylish choice, too. However, while there seems to be a wide variety of jewelry gifts available for women, finding the right gifts for men can leave many stumped.

Begin your search for the perfect guy gift with GIA’s Holiday Buying Guide. Here are our curated picks of men’s jewelry, accessories, and watches to help inspire you to find the gift that’s just right for him. Consider any of the ideas below as a starting point, and you’ll find it easier to put a big green check on your list. Done!

Diamond Cufflinks

The holidays are the perfect time of year to add a pair of meaningful diamond cufflinks to his evening attire. They are a great way to dress up his look and add some personality, too. Cufflinks are especially appropriate for those grooms-to-be who may have a wedding coming

Courtesy: Ishaia Trading Corp., New York. Photo: Harold & Erica Van Pelt/GIA

These square cuff links and shirt studs would add a little something special to his tuxedo for a wedding or other occasion. Natural pink diamonds and colorless diamonds are set in platinum. Courtesy: Ishaia Trading Corp., New York. Photo: Harold & Erica Van Pelt/GIA.

When selecting cufflinks, think about his style and personality. Is he into the formal, classic look or does he love more unique, stand out pieces? For a bit of a playful take on cufflinks for him, consider rolling the dice on those below.


Take a gamble on these Antique French Diamond Dice cufflinks that feature 0.24ct diamond set in rose gold and platinum circa 1930. Courtesy:


While a wedding ring may be the most common jewelry a man wears in his lifetime, there are still 9 other fingers waiting to be adorned. Determine whether he prefers diamonds or another gemstone by looking at the jewelry he may already have – or perhaps asking on the sly.


A platinum band holds a 1.42 carat Old European cut diamond, while a mixture of a matte and high polished finish adds character to the ring. Courtesy:

When shopping for a diamond, consider the diamond’s shape. Round or square-shaped diamonds provide a classic look that stands the test of time. If he’s more cutting edge, trillion cut or triangle shaped diamonds would be an outstanding choice to up the ante on his wardrobe.


A vintage 14K white gold men’s band circa 1950 features a raised “V” with diamond detail. Five round single cut diamonds, .025ct each. Courtesy:


A classic timepiece is truly the must-have item in every man’s wardrobe. Not only is the right watch a stylish addition, it is also functional and will be a part of his collection for years to come.


If he loves sailing or all things Titanic, a watch like this could be perfect for him. Notice the anchor-like design of the hour and minute hands. Coal from the Titanic creates the black color of this watch face. Romain Jerome Rose Gold Titanic DNA Limited Edition Automatic Wristwatch. Courtesy:

First introduced as a necessity, wristwatches were seen as a convenient and more efficient alternative to pocket watches. If the nautical themed watch above doesn’t suit him, then perhaps he will appreciate the timeless look of this piece. Can you imagine him sporting this look?


Vintage, stainless steel Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox Polaris diver’s alarm watch circa 1960. Courtesy:

If the gentleman in your life is into the vintage or steampunk style, then a pocket watch may be the perfect gift for him. This look is great when paired with suspenders and a fedora – channeling a 1920’s aesthetic.

Something a little unorthodox but somehow classic. A simple pocket watch case for him. Photo: GIA

Something a little unorthodox but somehow classic. A simple pocket watch case for him. Photo: GIA

Metal Necklaces

Does your guy already own a few necklaces that he wears on occasion? Then that means you have an even wider selection of jewelry to add to his collection. Consider selecting a heavier, more sturdy metal necklace for a masculine look. But don’t pile on more than a few at once; it should look natural. An added bonus: choose a necklace with gemstones, like a gorgeous blue sapphire or pearl, to add extra flash and shine, and don’t forget his birthstone!

Courtesy: Paspaley

Unlike your typical spherical pearl, baroque pearls have irregular, non-spherical shapes. Men’s cable necklace with large baroque pearl. Photo: Valerie Power/GIA.
Courtesy: Paspaley

Money Clip

There are men who have wallets, and there are those who prefer the more manageable money clip. This is the perfect gift for the minimalist – just the essentials on the go.

Photo: Sylvia Bissonette. Courtesy: J. Grahl Design

A money clip is a functional and stylish piece to use in lieu of a wallet. This men’s money clip and ring by J. Grahl are fashioned from coins recovered from the Atocha shipwreck. Photo: Sylvia Bissonette. Courtesy: J. Grahl Design

Signet Rings

Staging a comeback, signet rings are a centuries old tradition and were once worn as a familial symbol that indicated one’s personal identity. The ring’s symbol also served as a signature when pressed into wax. While the pinky is the most popular finger to wear a signet ring, any finger can rock this ring – “to each their own”.


Make a statement with this sardonyx gold Armorial signet ring. Courtesy:

Cuff Bracelets

When it comes to bracelets, it’s all about feeling comfortable. Ask yourself, would he look and feel like himself wearing a cuff bracelet? From leather, sterling silver, gold, and steel, there are plenty of jewelry metals and materials to choose from to fit his personality and style.

Courtesy Jewelers of America

Todd Reed palladium and sterling silver cuff bracelet. Photo courtesy Jewelers of America.

Key Chains

Like watches, a keychain is an essential piece to every man’s daily wardrobe. After all, who doesn’t need keys? For the guy who isn’t into traditional jewelry pieces, a keychain is the perfect choice. Found in a wide variety of white and dark metals and at several price points, there is literally something for everyone.

Courtesy of Cartier International

Roadster key ring with watch crown decor, palladium finish and blue resin cabochon. Photo courtesy Studio Triple V © Cartier International.

Do you see any jewelry you think that the man in your life might like for the holidays? Let us know what gifts for men intrigue you in the comments below!