Flower jewelry has the power to inspire rebirth and renewal anytime of year. Its charming characteristics perfectly match the tastes of the glamorous and fashion-forward.

Whether at a gala or just for the everyday, wearing flower rings is a way to channel spring’s vibrancy and add color to your wardrobe.


Picture this platinum and diamond flower blossom ring on your finger, circa 1960. Courtesy of a Private Collector.

There are hundreds of flower ring designs from all parts of the globe. Cherry blossoms, roses, and tropical flowers are some of the popular blooms that have been ingeniously crafted to fit a woman’s hand. Bright and gorgeous, colored gemstones are an ideal way to showcase a flower’s natural beauty – whether featured as a single gem or set with diamonds or pearls.


This magnolia-inspired ring recalls the legendary charm of a southern bell and for fans of pearls and colored gemstones. There’s much to dazzle the senses: 177 diamonds, 204 purple sapphires, and 74 tsavorite garnets surround a “petal” fashioned from a pink baroque cultured pearl. Courtesy Jewellery Theatre.

Who doesn’t love the big, bold fashion statement of a cocktail ring? When the ring depicts a flower, the statement somehow seems more elegant and romantic. Flower cocktail rings, lavishly set with colorful gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, and garnet, are the perfect way to celebrate nature, romance, and the blossoming of love.


In China, the peony represents dignity and grace, and the peony ring pictured here is no different. The 41.23 ct tourmaline in the center of the ring shows the regal qualities of China’s national flower. Courtesy Jewellery Theatre.

As beautiful gifts of nature, flowers have been a popular motif through the ages – used in religious ceremonies and as decorative elements in head wear, clothing, and household objects. Ancient Egyptian funerals featured floral decorations. At the end of 18th century Europe, the Romantic Era marked an unprecedented “blossoming” of flower jewelry and design.

People all over the world often turn to flowers as a language to speak of love and other emotions. A rose may be considered a symbol of love and beauty. A chrysanthemum represents purity and freshness, Jasmine symbolizes constant love, and orchid projects nobility and elegance. Wearing a flower ring not only brightens your outlook, but it can be a way to send a secret message.


In China, there is a saying that a lily represents a “hundred years of good.” This yellow gold diamond ring artfully takes the shape of a lily. One could say that the person who wears it will grow old with the one they love. Courtesy Jewellery Theatre.


This orchid is a stunning ring featuring a 2.02 ct yellow diamond center, surrounded by white diamonds and yellow diamonds. Courtesy Jewellery Theatre.

An orchid’s unique appearance is hard to miss. Even from a distance, you can see the special sparkle of this ring.


A sunflower inspires us to look on the bright side. This 18k yellow gold sunflower ring draws its brightness from 254 yellow sapphires totaling 3.11 carats. Courtesy Jewellery Theatre.


And who can resist the freshness and poetry of a fully bloomed narcissus when it’s fashioned as a ring featuring a 5.49 carat yellow diamond at its center, and hundreds of smaller diamonds representing its petals. Courtesy Jewellery Theatre.

Flower rings keep the spirit of spring alive all year long while adding a feminine and romantic flair to your wardrobe.  Flower rings are also a great way to learn about the wonderful diversity and beauty of diamonds and colored stones.

So decide on your favorite flower and your favorite gemstones, and when you start looking for that special ring, be sure to visit GIA’s Gem Encyclopedia to expand your knowledge about colored stones.

Main image courtesy of  Nancy’s Collection.