Believe it or not, 2013 is nearing its close and 2014 trend reports are already on the horizon. But with engagement season upon us (according to a survey conducted by prominent online wedding site The Knot in 2011, 32% of engagements take place in November and December), let’s review a few of the hottest 2013 engagement ring trends of 2013 for those who are considering popping the question this holiday season.

Kelly Clarkson Yellow Diamond

Kelly Clarkson’s got engaged earlier this year with a stunning fancy color yellow diamond center stone.

Color Explosion
One trend seen from home décor to fashion to jewelry is the explosion of color. While it used to be that nearly every engagement ring featured a solitaire diamond, that trend has shifted with a number of brides choosing colored gems. Fancy yellow, pink, cognac and champagne diamonds, and also gemstones like sapphire—due in part to royal trendsetter Kate Middleton—are continuing to rise in popularity.



Desiree Hartsock Mixed Metals

Desiree Hartsock’s engagement ring is a diamond, platinum and 18K rose gold “Romantic Entwined Ring” set with a central cushion-cut diamond.

Mixed Metals
The color trend isn’t limited to the center stone. Designers are incorporating mixed metals into engagement rings for a unique and colorful look. While platinum is still a top choice, the mixing of different colors of gold—white, yellow, and rose—creates a look that appeals to many brides looking for something distinct and versatile.





Scarlett Johansson Vintage/Art Deco

Scarlett Johansson shows off her Art Deco-inspired engagement ring.

Vintage and Art Deco
There’s something about vintage design that captures the romance for many brides-to-be. Vintage rings have increased in popularity over the last decade, and 2013 saw a particular interest in the Art Deco period. Many appreciate the intricate detailing, and the popularity of period shows like Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby film have continued to fuel interest in designs iconic to the era. While many men propose with current interpretations of vintage or Art Deco designs, some, like Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, choose true vintage pieces, as when he proposed to Behati Prinsloo earlier this year with a 1930s ring.

Olivia Wilde Halo Ring

Olivia Wilde’s engagement ring features a stunning halo design of emeralds surrounding the center diamond

While the double halo has been regaining popularity the past few years, 2013 took it up a notch.. Two tiered halo settings create the impression of an even larger center stone. The halo (or double halo) setting is often paired with a square or cushion-cut diamond, in place of the traditional round brilliant.




If you were engaged in 2013, tell us about your ring design. Does it follow one of these trends? Or do you wish one of these trends was around when you got engaged?