Explore How to Buy Diamonds and Engagement Rings

Buying diamonds and engagement rings comes with a lot of pressure. Make sure you are educated and understand how to buy diamonds by reviewing this helpful set of how-to guides. Learn about what influences diamond cost and be sure to protect yourself when buying diamonds online. Explore how to choose the perfect diamond based on color, clarity, cut and carat weight. 

How to Buy Diamonds

Learn how to buy loose diamonds and how to compare loose diamonds 
Be confident you are getting the best diamond price by learning what influences prices
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Shopping for an antique or vintage engagement ring? Learn how to buy the classics
Learn how to design and create your own engagement ring

How to Buy and Engagement Ring

Explore how to buy a three stone engagement ring
Accent the sparkle of the main stone with side stones in your engagement ring
Everything you need to know when choosing a black diamond
Understand how best to select a yellow diamond for your perfect engagement ring
Thinking about the classic round cut engagement ring? Learn how to select the perfect one
Discover how to choose the right marquise shape diamond
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