Understand the World of Laboratory-Grown, Simulated and Treated Diamonds

Diamond purchasers should learn about the alternatives to natural diamonds including laboratory-grown diamonds, diamond simulants and other things that are done to try to mimic or change the timeless brilliance of natural diamonds. It is important to understand that what makes a diamond “real” might not be what you think it is. Diamond reports, commonly referred to as diamond certification, is the best way to tell if a diamond is real or is a natural diamond but there are lots of things to learn about these other types of stones.

Is it Real? Is it Fake?? GIA Knows

Concerned about fake diamonds? Learn more about how to tell if a diamond is real
What is a real diamond? Learn about natural and man-made diamonds  
See stones that are categorized as simulated diamonds or diamond simulants
Discover how to tell the difference between laboratory-grown and natural diamonds
Understand the world of diamond simulants and how to tell them from real diamonds

Laboratory Grown Diamonds and Common Diamond Treatments

Learn more about laboratory-grown diamonds and how they are made
See how diamond treatments change the natural essence of a diamond
Understand how common diamond treatments impact the value of a diamond