The previous installment of the 2013 Holiday Buying Guide covered the basics of the 4Cs of diamond qualities. But how will you know that the diamond you’re considering buying has the qualities you’re looking for? The answer…an independent, unbiased evaluation.   

This evaluation is called a grading report, and it is essential that you request to see a grading report for any diamond purchase you’re considering this holiday before you make your purchase.

As creator of the 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading SystemTM, GIA is considered the benchmark independent grading laboratory. GIA was the first to issue independent grading reports in the early 1950s, and today its Diamond Grading Report and Diamond Dossier® are globally recognized and trusted. A GIA grading report contains a full scientific and unbiased assessment of your diamond’s 4Cs and discloses any known treatments.

What actually goes into a grading report? The third installment of the 2013 Holiday Buying Guide provides an informative video tutorial to walk you through the features and benefits found on a GIA grading report, and explain what that means for you and your diamond.