April Birthstone: Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas for an Aries

Diamond is the April birthstone, and we have some stunning gift ideas for a loved one born in this month. We’ve spiced up our selections by turning to the zodiac sign for additional inspiration. So take a look at what we/ve picked – our April birthstone pieces are sure to please.

Those born in between March 21 and April 19 are Aries: enthusiastic, independent, and courageous are some their traits. They’re also described as energetic, spontaneous, active, and daring. The earrings below have the energy reminiscent of a painting by Jackson Pollock. If you’re looking for gift ideas to inspire an Aries, these earrings do double-duty as works of art and a celebration of the April birthstone: diamond.

14K white gold earrings with opaque & round brilliant cut diamonds

15.79 carats (ct) of natural-colored diamond slices, opaque diamonds, and round brilliant cut diamonds. Courtesy: Vivid Diamonds and Jewelry

Aries is a “fire” sign associated with the planet Mars. What better gift for your beloved Aries than an unexpected orange diamond ring, ablaze with color and life?

4.08-carat Fancy Vivid orange and diamond ring

4.08 ct Fancy Vivid orange and diamond ring. Photo: Sotheby’s. Courtesy: Sotheby’s

Aries are said to be passionate and possess excellent organizational skills, qualities that can make them great leaders. Think of combining the April birthstone with a fiery opal for that balance of fire and ice that is quintessentially Aries.

3.09 ct black opal ring with diamond halo

Maria Canale ring, with a 3.09 ct black opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia, encircled by 1.88 ct of diamonds. Courtesy: Richard Krementz Gemstones

Aries are not timid, so we’re guessing they’re not afraid of snakes, either. Can you picture your beloved wearing this daring black diamond snake ring? If your loved one likes to live on the wild side, this could be the perfect choice.

Black diamond snake ring

Black diamond snake ring. Photo: Dada Arrigoni Jewelry

Spontaneity and the urge to travel go hand in hand. Why not consider a piece that reminds your Aries of your last great adventure together? A trip to wine country inspired this Vinissimo ruby and diamond necklace – an appropriately stunning gift that showcases the April birthstone.

Vinissimo ruby and diamond necklace set in 18K white gold

Vinissimo necklace. Upper section and chain accented with 89 small round diamonds. Lower section, which looks likes grapes hanging from the vine, features 10 natural rubies, one oval diamond, one triangular diamond, and two round diamonds. Gift of Inta Gems

Sociable and daring, your Aries would feel right at home at a chic country club or on a trek through a windswept English moor. The earrings below capture a little bit of both.

Red 18K gold and 24.60tcw diamond earrings

Jagged lines and sharp points make these earrings by Shaune Leane look like briars covered in ice. Courtesy of Diacore-Shaune Leane Design

You wouldn’t use “romantic” or “old fashioned” to describe an Aries. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are full of youthful energy and enthusiasm, regardless of age. So while our last two gift selections may seem romantic at first glance – they are decidedly not. And it’s their modern twist on romance that an Aries will love.

Fancy Pink and colorless diamond flower brooch

It’s so striking that Mother Nature might be jealous of this creation. This diamond-encrusted flower features a 1 ct Fancy Pink diamond and 90 other pink diamonds weighing 5.56 ct. Some 241 round brilliants weighing 6.31 ct and 9 baguettes weighing 1.04 ct make the main petals. Courtesy: Ishaia Trading Corp., New York.

White gold and diamond rings

These white gold and diamond rings by Dada Arrigoni Jewelry look like they stepped out of the Victorian era and then had a modern makeover. This kind of contemporary mash-up should appeal to the freewheeling spirit of Aries. Photo: Dada Arrigoni Jewelry.

Giving diamond jewelry as a present makes for a memorable gift. Finding pieces that evoke Aries traits is a fun game. And now that you know something of both, you can go shopping for gifts that celebrate the April birthstone.

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